10 Famous Crypto Millionaires and Billionaires

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the global financial system. Today, they are perceived as a solid alternative to fiat currencies, and they have also become a great asset for investment portfolios of institutional as well as retail investors. The price of certain cryptocurrencies increased significantly; there were a lot of investors that became millionaires and even billionaires seemingly overnight.

However, they have actually made a conscious decision to add certain cryptocurrencies to their portfolios and reaped the benefits afterward. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest crypto millionaires and billionaires around the world in 2024.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

Source: elevenews.com

Our list starts with Nakamoto, who is the main reason why there is a crypto market today and cryptocurrencies. This is the creator of Bitcoin. The first digital currency that came to existence thanks to Nakamoto and the efforts of the other cypherpunk enthusiasts. His /Her identity, however, is still unknown, and it is a pseudonym the creator used in order to conceal his real identity.

Nevertheless, the accomplishments are bigger than the mystery that surrounds his or her existence. Today there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, thanks to Nakamoto. His/Her wealth is estimated at $40 billion in 2024, mainly because Bitcoin has achieved a record-breaking price of $63,000 in 2024. So today, Nakamoto is on the list of the richest man in the world.

2. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Source: forbes.com

Both of them are brothers and have a total net worth of $6 billion with $3 billion for each of them. They were Olympic rowers and then something happened and they had a clash with Facebook. As a result of this, they got 65 million dollars of settlement money.

Instead of wasting their time and money and enjoying the fun, both brothers did something different. They invested their money and earned more. According to the reports, they have been buying bitcoins since 2012.

In addition to this, they also worked on an exchange program named “Gemini”. And to further add to their achievements, they have also bought the “Nifty Gateway”, which is an auction platform for digital arts. So although they are earning through cryptocurrencies but they are not depending on a single source. They have invested in various crypto platforms and are earning money from almost all of them.

3. Michael Saylor

Source: businessinsider.com

Next up on our list is Michael Saylor with a net worth of 2.3 billion dollars. He is the CEO of MicroStrategy, which is a software firm. You might think that he would be earning money through her company but actually, he suffered a huge loss during the first bust.

However, he had been buying Bitcoin during the early times. Therefore, because he had the coins before Bitcoins high-time, he hit a jackpot. And with more financial stability, he even took his company towards the road to success.

4. Tim Draper

Source: humanbiography.com

He was a capitalist in Silicon Valley. In 2014, he bought Bitcoins of 18.7 million dollars, such a huge investment considering the time. However, because of his involvement in the black market, he was arrested back then. But his coins are now worth 1.5 billion dollars.

5. Sam Bankman-Fried

Source: beincrypto.com

He is one of the crypto billionaires with a net worth of 8.7 billion dollars. And of course, he is not an old man. Sam is just a 29-year-old young man. And how is he so rich? He is the founder of “Alameda Research”, which is a trading company. In addition to this, he has also created FTX. So either directly or indirectly, he is involved with cryptocurrency and is making money through it.

6. Brian Armstrong

Source: coindesk.com

His net worth rose from 1 to 6.5 billion dollars only from 2024 to 2024. Have you heard about “Coinbase”? Yes, it is the crypto exchange company in the US and Brian is its founder. The boom in cryptocurrencies also created beneficial opportunities for such companies and they are earning a lot. So much that Brian has filed his company to go public.

7. Changpeng Zhao

Source: fortune.com

A Chinese businessman and the founder of “Binance”, a crypto exchange company. Zhao had 30 percent shares in his company and because of the boom in the crypto market, he also benefited a lot. So now he has a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars.

8. Chris Larsen

Source: moneyinc.com

Chris is the chairman of Ripple, which is a cryptocurrency just like bitcoin. His net worth is 3.4 billion dollars.

9. Anthony Di Iorio

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Anthony Di Iorio worked for his family business until the financial crash in 2008. Since then, he started to learn more about economics and the concept of sound money. This led him to cryptocurrencies, and eventually, he decided to organize a Toronto Bitcoin Meetup group where he met the programmer Vitalik Buterin. Anthony Di Iorio decided to support Buterin in building Ethereum, which is now one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. As a co-founder, his net worth is estimated at approximately $1 billion in 2024. Moreover, he continued to invest in other crypto-assets like Qtum, Zcash, and others.

If you also want to get into crypto trading, there are numerous online trading sites where you can add different cryptocurrencies to your portfolio. Moreover, there are automated trading sites like Bitcoinprofit where you can register on an automated platform that is based on artificial intelligence technology, and it completes the trading process automatically.

So, it isn’t mandatory for the user to have extensive trading or crypto experience in order to earn a daily profit here. They only require a deposit of $250 from new users.

10. Valery Vavilov

Source: techcrunch.com

Valery Vavilov became rich through BTC mining. Bitfury is his startup that is dedicated to crypto mining, BTC mining, and blockchain technology. In fact, this is one of the industry-leading full-service blockchain technology companies. The founder Valery Vavilov is one of the wealthiest men in the crypto world, and his net worth is estimated at $700 million.

In conclusion of there are many options today for new users to invest in crypto and earn our high return on investment. Not only can you register on an online trading site and start trading, but you can also join their mining pool or farm. Moreover, there are many businesses as well as institutions that support the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. So safe to say that the growth of the crypto market is far from over, and there will be a lot of new millionaires in the future.

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